A bit of sewing, finally!

Ya know, I just realized that I have yet to post anything that I've actually sewn! In fact, I havent sewn anything in a while. That project I mentioned? I kind of .. gave up on that. I was trying to make the pattern myself, and it wasnt working out. So I ordered a pattern, whenever it arrives I'll actually get to work on it.

SO! Since I didnt want to feel like a total failure, I decided to do something else I've been meaning to for a while. I bought the fabric weeks ago but hadnt had a chance to make it happen... until now!

So without further ado!

 A very cute little coffee cozy thing!

Its been a while since I made anything... so I was a little rusty. (As you can probably tell by my totally psycho sewing lines.. pay no mind to that!) But its cute and functional and I love it. :)

I used this tutorial from Crafty Staci. I even got some fancy Insulbrite and everything (didnt have any ironing board scraps on me.. who woulda thunk?)

Anyway, as long as I'm at it, might as well show off this other thing I made. It was one of my first projects.

This is a very cute little tunnel I made for my pretty kitty!

I used this tutorial. I didnt use faux fur for the inside, though. Instead, I used this super soft plush fabric, the kind that robes are often made out of. In fact, thats exactly why I chose that fabric! Its the same sort of fabric my and my boyfriend's robes are made of, and Patches loooooves those things. So I figured she'd like to have some of her own!

I picked out a cute brown cotton with these little kitties printed on it to match, and whala!

The only problem was that it was veeeeery floppy. So I got some wire and threaded it through what was supposed to be the drawstring, in the hopes it would stay open. It.. sort of works. I'm sure I'll think of something. If you have any suggestions, let me in!

And heres the pretty kitty herself, enjoying her kitty tube, floppyness be darned! :)


  1. Love your coffee cup sleeve, favorite colors!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! And for the tutorial, the cozy rocks! :)

  2. Sam, I need a cozy coffee thingy. Hint, hint. It looks good.

  3. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm heading over to Our Reflection now! :)

  4. I have been thinking about making this tunnel. The only thing that I can think of to incorporate is a ring that you would use to make a lampshade which you can get in different sizes.