MAN its been forever since my last post! Dont think I've forgotten you though, I've just been REALLY busy with school and such. And now exams are next week and I should really be studying... but I found a few spare moments and HAD to share this!

So its quite late, but I pulled an awesome April Fools Day dinner prank. The guys werent as impressed, but I know deep down they thought it was as awesome as I did. Haha!

Just what was the surprise, you may ask? Why, cupcakes and cookies for dinner of course!!

"What is this madness!?" You might ask. Well, I'll tell you! They werent REALLY cupcakes... they were MEATLOAF! Meatloaf with MASHED POTATO icing! Haha! And the "cookies" were breaded zucchini! Yea, I know, I'm a genius. ;D

This is the recipe I used for the "cupcakes". I also added a bit of minced onion, and used some red food coloring for the "icing".

For the zucchini, I found the fattest one I could (so they'd be more "cookie-sized") and sliced it into ~1/4 inch pieces. I made a mixture of egg, milk, and Italian dressing for the "wet". I had a wheat flour, bread crumb, italian seasoning and a bit of garlic, and parmesean cheese mixture made for the "dry". I lined a baking pan with foil, dipped each slice in the wet and then the dry, and laid them on the baking pan with a little space between them. Then I baked them in the oven at

And no dinner would be complete without dessert! But what to have for dessert, when you had cupcakes for dinner?? Spaghetti of course!

And just how did we make our spaghetti? Well I took some french vanilla icecream (cuz its the best, of course) and scooped it into a plastic bag with one corner cut off (make-shift decorator thing). I put about a scoop of icecream smooshed out on the plate (for a little "body"), and then piped what was in the bag over top of it to look like noodles! (If you try this, I suggest wearing gloves, cuz it was WAY COLD!!) Then I quickly popped it in the freezer so the icecream wouldn't melt while I did the rest. Add a little bit of strawberry icecream sauce, and bam!

Of course you cant have spaghetti without meatballs, so I used a variation of this recipe for "meatloaf". I didnt add any fruit leather, and I used chopped up fresh pineapple instead of dried (which was a bit messy, but totally worth it, since the juice kind of mixed into the krispies and made them that much better). Then I basically followed the recipe, but instead of a loaf pan, I spread it in a normal baking pan then used my hands to scoop up some and shape it into "meatballs". If you try this, note it is VERY sticky!

Altogether I think it was pretty awesome! Let me know what you think!

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