Django! (Unchained)

Please pardon the title of this post, I know it's completely bad. But it actually does fit.

About 2-3 weeks ago, a man came into the office with the cutest little 2-3 month old pitbull (mix?) puppy. He wasn't treating it great, the poor thing was so scared he peed there on the floor. Upon closer inspection, he had a partially embedded collar, and was pretty thin and malnourished. I wasn't there at the time, but long story short, animal control got involved and the man was investigated.

The puppy stayed at the clinic for a few days until I felt bad for him and brought him home one night so he wouldnt have to be cooped up in the kennel all the time. A coworker brought him home that weekend, and then I started bringing him home any night I was at the office. Naturally we grew attached. Doc gave him his first set of booster shots and some flea treatment.

Well things have finally been figured out regarding his owner, and guess what... we're keeping him! The last thing we needed was another critter, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And he's just the sweetest little thing.

His neck is almost completely healed up, just waiting on the fur to grow back now. He's gained some weight, and the issue with his "wrist" joint seems to be remedying itself with proper nutrition and exercise. He does snort a lot still though, but I think thats just him! He's starting to understand that he's supposed to go potty outside, he just hasn't realized he should TELL us to let him out yet.

He runs around like a crazy one minute, then flops down on your lap and falls asleep the next. He really is a big 'ol lap dog, just wants to be next to people all the time. We'll see how that goes when he weighs 70 pounds!

Anyway, this was pretty much just an excuse to show off this cutie we came into possession of. He's just the cutest, aint he?! Thats Django!

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