Crepes.. yummy!!

Tonight for dessert I decided to do something a little special! I went off of this super easy crepe recipe made with simple things I'm sure you already have! I added a little bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract to the batter, and When they were done I slathered them with Nutella (yummmm) and put fresh cut strawberries and banana slices on one side, then closed it up like a taco. They were SOOOOOO yum!

Next time I'll have to try and time it better so they are still warm for eating, that would have made them 10x better. A few alterations to the recipe stated: mix all the wet ingredients together FIRST (egg, water, milk, ect) and THEN sift in the dry ingredients. As its stated in the recipe it was really hard to get mixed together. Also, I'd suggest cutting out greasing the pan (especially if you have non-stick pans!) because the first one I made was a bit greasy. And make sure you get the pan really HOT before you pour in the batter, so it cooks evenly.

The recipe from All Recipes is totally customizeable. I made it sweet for dessert, but you could totally add some pepper and herbs to turn it into the main course. Add meat and veggies, sauce, salsa, whatever! Yummm.. gonna have to try that one!

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