That awkward first post..

Hmm.. well the first post on a blog is always kind of awkward. What do I say? I guess I can start off by telling you who I am.


My name is Sam. I'm just a girl, trying to find my place in this big blue world. I'm 19 years old as of writing this, and I'm a student at Florida State double majoring in Biology and Education. I hope to go on to Veterinary school after this, and maybe teach Middle School while I'm there. I'm Vizepräsident (Vice-President) of the Deutschklub (German Club) at my school, and love it.

I love animals, and have eine kleine Katze (a little cat) named Patches. I'm sure, if you're reading this, you'll hear about her again in the future! I have always enjoyed crafting, and I recently took up sewing (since my boyfriend got me a sewing machine!). I also love cooking (and eating!).

I've started this blog to document my life, I guess. It will probably mostly be my experiences with various crafts and sewing projects. I'll try and make tutorials of sorts, in case you want to try too! I promise, if I can do it, so can you!

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