My Fridge Food

Alright, so I dont know about you, but I'm one of those people who can never figure out what to have for dinner. I'd rather cook than go out (for many reasons, cost being one of them!), but sometimes I just stare into my pantry or refrigerator and have no idea what to do. And for those of you like me, I have an amazing solution.

Its called My Fridge Food, and its brilliant. Just go to the website, select from the list all the things that you already have in your kitchen, and wallah! Recipes just for you, with stuff you already have! Sometimes it can be a hassle if you have lots of stuff that wasnt on the original list, but if you scroll down and see "Missing" ingredients that you DO have, just click the +Fridge button and it'll incorporate it into your list!

If you make an account with them, you can save your ingredient list, so as to avoid re-selecting things you have over and over. Plus, you can submit your own recipes! As of now there isn't a HUGE variety of recipes, so submitting yours will help everyone (like me! :P) You can also create a shopping list if you find an awesome recipe you want to try, but are missing a few ingredients!

Its all pretty brilliant if you ask me. Check it out!

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