Leap Day Thrift Store Hopping

First off, happy Leap Day!!

So I went "thrift store hopping" today. Much like bar-hopping, only way more fun! I've been meaning to check out the local thrift stores for a while, and finally got around to it today. I found one that was fantastic. Two floors, plus all the stuff outside! Good Finds was awesome.

I found this super cute jewelry box for just $6! What a deal! Especially since I was in the market for a new one anyway. (The one I was working with before was... pitiful.)
They did have one of those big fancy vintage ones that I want also, but it was a little out of my price range. Still a deal for what it was though!

And I also found this super cool authentic German beer stein... ON SALE. I think I've decided I'm building a collection. The other one I have, while from Germany, isnt quite as fancy. So I wont show that one off. But still!
Unfortunately they didnt have much in the line of clothes. But I passed one on the way home -- which was unfortunately closed at the time -- that I saw tons of clothes when I.. peaked in the window. ;) I'll have to check back earlier in the day for that one.

In other news, next week is Spring Break. The boyfriend is going down to his ma's for the break, but I'll be staying home (Work..). But I'm not too upset about it, I hope to get a lot done. Maybe even get started on that project I mentioned earlier!

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